Building awareness with geographically and demographically laser focused campaigns to generate cost effective enquiries through social media advertising.

As an official Facebook Marketing Agency, Dentree building high performance, cost effectice, social media awareness campaigns that funnel high quality enquiries for tretments such as Invisalign and dental implants.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a professional video could do for your dental business? Whether it’s a promotional video covering all aspects of your dental practice, services offered, or a genuine patient testimonial to help showcase your expertise, video is a great way of connecting with your audience.

Video marketing has grown over the years, with cross devices ever become more feature rich and engaging, video stands out and is a great way to deliver information and promote your dental practice.

But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at one of our recent patient testimonial videos along with b-roll footage to help keep the viewers attention:

“The quality and volume of patient enquiries generated through social media, is un-matched in cost effectiveness”

Rob, Head of Social Media Ads

Step One:

Identify your dental practice goals
Define KPI’s to target
Full audit of current marketing
Set explicity conversions and goals
Develop short-term and long-term strategies
Set up and configure Google Analytics



Step Two:

We stick to our core principals, developed from our years of experience and continued testing and discovering, of what works. Our golden funnel is designed to aid growth for our dental clients. We focus on each stage, developing out our methodologies to ensure that each stage of your website is optimised and focused on lead generation.

It’s our strategy, designed for growth.


Step Three:

Our team will identify KPI’s (key performance indicators), tailored to your goals and needs so that we can create a marketing plan towards.

We’ll pro-actiely work with you in order to bring your business to the level you require and disocver the most valuable marketing spends that drive the most growth for your dental practice.

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