We’re experts at SEO, we’ll build a dominating local SEO strategy and campaign designed to above your competitors.

Delivering the right traffic to your website.

Good SEO is a combination of originality, technical know how, creativity and tried and tested experience of understanding what works in an ever evolving search landscape.


Are you looking to grow your online presence, improving visibility and performance for your dental practice across your local area?


To increase your organic search visibility, Dentree use a combination of industry knowledge, in-depth and real world tested research and analysis, onsite technical improvements and targeted outreach, all with one target in mind, to reach the top of the search results for your chosen areas.


At Dentree, we’re not just here to deliver an increase in organic traffic, but to drive the right traffic to ensure enquiries and phone calls increase and ultimately turn into patients. As a marketing agency, we based the success of our campaigns on our ability to deliver not just an increase in visitors, but visitors that increase your businesses revenue.

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Step One:

Identify your dental practice goals
Define KPI’s to target
Full audit of current marketing
Set explicity conversions and goals
Develop short-term and long-term strategies
Set up and configure Google Analytics



Step Two:

We stick to our core principals, developed from our years of experience and continued testing and discovering, of what works. Our golden funnel is designed to aid growth for our dental clients. We focus on each stage, developing out our methodologies to ensure that each stage of your website is optimised and focused on lead generation.

It’s our strategy, designed for growth.


Step Three:

Our team will identify KPI’s (key performance indicators), tailored to your goals and needs so that we can create a marketing plan towards.

We’ll pro-actiely work with you in order to bring your business to the level you require and disocver the most valuable marketing spends that drive the most growth for your dental practice.

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